• Developer wants to test different users on different URLs
  • Developer is working on a web app (or a website) that supports multiple users
  • Different pages looks completely different for an admin user, a regular user, or a logged out user
    • Developer wants to log in with “” and browse the localhost:3000/admin page
    • Developer wants to log in with “” and browse the localhost:3000/purchases page
    • Developer wants to browse the localhost:3000 page (home page) with no logged in user
  • Developer wants to make changes to their code and compare the differences between the pages

In other browsers

  • It takes way more time to do this
  • Developer has to either:
    • Open an incognito window, put the windows side by side, open different URLs
      • Downsides
        • this limits the user to 2 user sessions: regular and incognito
        • Next time they close the incognito window their session and credentials will be lost, they have to log in again
    • Open a guest or another profile in their browser
      • Downsides
        • If user is working on multiple projects their list of profiles is going to be huge and messy
        • A profile is always opened in a separate window, so a mess of window occurs

In Sizzy

  • Disable navigation sync between devices
  • Open 2-3 devices in Responsive Mode (horizontal layout is ideal)
  • Click on the URL bar of an individual device in order to change the URL
  • Change sessions of each device to Guest, Admin, No User, etc.
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