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We didn't want to overwhelm you with complex pricing plans and tons of options to choose from, so we kept our pricing pretty straightforward.
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Our mission

We're a bootstrapped team of four and we plan to develop and support Sizzy for years to come. We have many exciting ideas for the ensuing years. To fulfill our vision of creating the development workflow of the future, we want to pay the bills using our customers' money and not some VC money that doesn't care about the users.

Let's make this happen together! 🙌

We're working hard to make Sizzy the best developer toolkit ever

shipped features

Secure & up to date

We make sure that Sizzy is always up to date with the latest Electron and Chromium versions.

Privacy first

We don't care about your localhost URLs. We don't store any of your history, even locally.

Actively maintained

The commits speak for themselves. We're squashing bugs and releasing new features almost every week.


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