How to expense Sizzy.

Given that Sizzy helps you be more productive at work, you can ask your company to pay for the subscription.
Just follow these 3 simple steps

1. Notify your manager

Find your manager by the water cooler, or shoot them a quick chat message.
Hey 👋! I just found out about a new developer tool, and I think it'll significantly boost my productivity. Can I send you the details?

2. Email your manager

Short emails are the best. Copy the template below and personalise it for yourself.
To: Michael Scott <>
Subject: Developer tool expense


There’s a developer tool that looks great.

It is a specialized browser that saves a bunch of time and has many tools that can significantly improve our dev workflow.

It's just $12 per month (we can save more with a team discount) and the reviews are excellent.

Many popular companies and developers are already using it and loving it. Here’s the link:

Is it OK to expense this?

P.S. should we also offer it to the team? (they have a team discount)

3. Follow-up after 3 days

Your manager is a busy person? Reply with this reminder if you haven’t heard back from them.
To: Michael Scott <>
Subject: RE: Developer tool expense


have you had time to look at the developer tool I sent you?

I really believe it’d help with our workflow and productivity.

Here’s the link again:

Let me know.

4. Enjoy Sizzy

See you inside the app!


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