• Developer works on an web app or website with multiple user roles (i.e Admin, Creator, Developer 1, Guest)
  • Developer wants to
    • Change their code and make sure that a page (i.e the home page) will work fine for different user roles
    • Perform an action from the Creator account (i.e create an article), perform an action from the User 1 account (i.e leave a comment), and see how the Admin and Guest will look

In other browsers

  • It takes way more time to do this
  • Solution 1: Constantly log in and out to switch between developers (tedious)
  • Solution 2: Open an incognito window, put the windows side by side, open different URLs
    • Downsides
      • This limits the developer to 2 user sessions: regular and incognito (most web apps have more than 2 roles to test)
      • Next time they close the incognito window their session and credentials will be lost, so they have to log in again
  • Solution 3: Open a guest or another browser profile
    • Downsides
      • If developer is working on multiple projects their list of profiles is going to be huge and messy
      • A profile is always opened in a separate window, so a mess of window occurs
      • Opening multiple profiles and navigating to a URL every time you want to test different roles takes a lot of time

In Sizzy

  • With the Session Manager you can create as many sessions as you want, and log in with different user (or keep one session with a logged out user)
  • Solution 1: Easily switch the global session for all devices (to switch between Admin, Creator, User 1, or any other role)
  • Solution 2: Switch and have a different session for each device (this is even more powerful because you can see multiple users side by side)
  • This can be even more advanced by combining the Session Manager with Testing multiple URLs
  • Bonus: The first time you create a device layout with sessions that you want to test, you can easily save it as a Preset.
    • Next time you want to test these roles, you can quickly click on the Preset
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