Problem: Testing multiple URLs at once

  • Example: the developer is working on a website
  • They are working on the layout of the website, which is shared across pages OR they are working on a component (header, footer, etc.) that’s shared across different pages
  • Developer is not certain if the changes to the layout or the shared component will be reflected across all pages properly
  • After the developer makes any code changes, they have to open different URLs and make sure that all of them work fine

In other browsers

  • It takes way more time to do this
  • Developer has to either:
    • Click to navigate between different links back/forward in the browser
    • Use bookmarks or manually type url of pages to switch between them
    • Open multiple pages in tabs
    • Open multiple browser windows with different pages and switch between them
    • Tile a few browser windows side by side so they can preview the changes across pages

In Sizzy

  • Disable navigation sync between devices
  • Open a few devices in Responsive Mode (horizontal layout is ideal)
  • Click on the URL bar of an individual device in order to change the device URL
  • Boom! you’re browsing different URLs at once. Change your code, and watch how the changes reflect.
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