Designer for Sizzy revamp

One-time or part-time

Hi there 👋 Are you tired of toolbars? And buttons? What about complex toolbars with tons of buttons? Because we are. And if you leave it up to developers to figure it out, in a few years our app will look like this 👇 This is where you come in.

What is Sizzy?

Sizzy is a specialised browser for frontend developers. Actually, at this point, calling it only a browser is a bit insulting! It's the ultimate toolkit that any frontend developer should use if they want to work faster and save a lot of time.

Why do we need you?

We're looking for a part-time designer to help us revamp Sizzy’s UI and UX, as well as the overall workflow. We want to make it easier to use and more intuitive.

Main requirements

  • Experience with designing desktop apps or complex web apps (examples: Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere, etc.)
  • Experience with Figma (implementing a design system, components, etc.)

The problems we're trying to solve

  • Sizzy’s UX is confusing
  • Over time we added a lot of powerful features, but they’re very complex to use and only us (the developers) understand how to use them
  • There are too many buttons scattered around the app without much logic
  • At the same time, there is a bunch of unused empty space
  • We hired a one-time designer to revamp the main interface, but it wasn’t enough
  • We need someone who will spend a bit more time with us to understand the product and our problems

First steps

  • The first big initiative is redesigning the main Sizzy workspace and interface
  • You will have to be on a couple of calls with the developers to get an explanation of what Sizzy is, how does it work now, why is it confusing, and how do we want it to work in the future
  • We'll have 1-2 weeks to work together and come up with the new UI for the next version of Sizzy

If we’re happy with your work, we will continue collaborating on fixing the rest of Sizzy’s interface, as well as working on other projects like Glink, etc. If you’re up for it, we might even change the role to full-time.



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