Designer for a new landing page

One-time or part-time

Sizzy is a specialised browser for frontend developers. Actually, at this point, calling it only a browser is a bit insulting! It's the ultimate toolkit that any frontend developer should use if they want to work faster and save a lot of time.

We scraped together the initial landing page 3 years ago. Since then, we redesigned it only once. Sizzy is made by two developers, and none of us is a copywriter or a designer. Even though the end result is not bad, the landing page is completely underselling what Sizzy is, who is it for, and what it does.

The copy is pretty basic and the design is meh. The biggest issue that we have with hiring a designer for this job is that unless you’re highly technical, or a developer, it’s going to be hard to understand the benefits of Sizzy. To help with this issue, we started publishing some of the use cases and features of Sizzy.

We are already working with a copywriter to that will provide the copy and the general layout for the page, and want to make a new landing page from scratch.



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