Sizzy is the tool of choice for category leading and fast growing companies
Recently migrated a site from global sass to css modules and just having the current production page and the development one next to each other with click & scroll sync is seriously a killer feature within @sizzyapp. Can really recommend it!
Tim (@cstrnt)
Sizzy is a powerful selling tool. When we have a prospect who doesn't have a responsive site, when we show them their site on Sizzy, they are impressed and we look even more professional.
Eric Dingler, Owner @ In Transit Studios
I use Sizzy to develop all my apps. Love projects feature, because I always have to switch between 3-4 projects. I enjoy overlay DevTools mode it helps me to easily debug my apps.
As a UX/UI Designer Sizzy helps me test the designs I receive from developers and save time testing on different layouts/screen sizes. Also, I can experiment with html/css directly and get back with very specific feedback to them.
Manolis Papadakis, Software Engineer at NVIDIA
It’s the bread to my web dev butter. I won’t shut up about it. I’m happy to show it off. I paid for it monthly when I had no job. It sped up how much ground I could cover for different devices compared to chrome dev tools.
It helps a lot with responsive web dev. I like how I can individually inspect element and grab screenshots of multiple devices. It's been fairly instrumental to quickening my workflow and spotting issues before test.
Engineer at Salaso


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