Sizzy is the tool of choice for category leading and fast growing companies
Recently migrated a site from global sass to css modules and just having the current production page and the development one next to each other with click & scroll sync is seriously a killer feature within @sizzyapp. Can really recommend it!
Tim (@cstrnt)
Sizzy is a powerful selling tool. When we have a prospect who doesn't have a responsive site, when we show them their site on Sizzy, they are impressed and we look even more professional.
Eric Dingler, Owner @ In Transit Studios
I use Sizzy to develop all my apps. Love projects feature, because I always have to switch between 3-4 projects. I enjoy overlay DevTools mode it helps me to easily debug my apps.
As a UX/UI Designer Sizzy helps me test the designs I receive from developers and save time testing on different layouts/screen sizes. Also, I can experiment with html/css directly and get back with very specific feedback to them.
Manolis Papadakis, Software Engineer at NVIDIA
It’s the bread to my web dev butter. I won’t shut up about it. I’m happy to show it off. I paid for it monthly when I had no job. It sped up how much ground I could cover for different devices compared to chrome dev tools.
It helps a lot with responsive web dev. I like how I can individually inspect element and grab screenshots of multiple devices. It's been fairly instrumental to quickening my workflow and spotting issues before test.
Engineer at Salaso


Hear what our users have to say about us
If you aren't using @sizzyapp to test your web projects, you've goofed. This app saves me so much time manually resizing windows and toggling dev tool settings - plus, synchronized scrolling is straight magic 🧙‍♂️
Just bought a lifetime license to @thekitze's because it seems like a MUCH better dev browser than Chrome/Brave/etc. for typical development. Especially looking forward to "sessions" allowing me to easily be logged in as different users simultaneously :)
Big tip if you are in Switch to @sizzyapp as your browser for development. It is incredible for UI work and also for social previews. It does a lot of stuff I most likely don't know it does but will learn soon. Thx @thekitze
I’ve said this before, but... @tailwindui with @sizzyapp is life changing. You can actually tweak a design without getting a headache.
Before @sizzyapp: Damn, I forgot to test this on smaller screen sizes. *installed Sizzy* Now: Wow, looks great on all screen sizes! Let's push this to production! 🚀 Get it now:
I haven't used @sizzyapp in a while and I just installed in on my new machine and fired it up. Holy crap! 🤯 It was already an awesome tool, but it's gotten so much better! So nice!
I know @sizzyapp for a long time now. But I never thought owning a license would make me so happy. Just the social card preview would have saved me a ton of time. And that's just one tiny feature Sizzy has to offer.
I just bought a lifetime subscription to @sizzyapp. I love the thought that was put into this product. It's so good. One of my must-have tools as a developer.
Can't state enough how having two devices side by side with different user account sessions and see them both update in @sizzyapp make it so much easier than switching between different incognito tabs/browsers
I feel like @sizzyapp doesn't get enough love. It's an incredible app for web development. And only $7/mo it pays for itself many times over.
Damn this looks like an incredibly useful browser for testing websites at multiple screen sizes.
The @sizzyapp made my life a lot easier with web development, it's just incredible.
I‘ve just purchased @sizzyapp - one of the best dev tools ever! 😍 Every cent worth the money!
Periodic reminder that @sizzyapp is one of my favourite design tools and you should definitely get it.
Now that I'm in @sizzyapp daily I can't imagine testing without it 🥰 I'd personally refund 1 month (+ 2 wk trial) if you don't love Support @thekitze making you a more 🤑
Wonderful tool for testing our responsive websites & apps. @sizzyapp
@thekitze I have been underusing @sizzyapp 😱. Just discovered the URL editor, projects and reference browser. The reference browser really stood out for me because I always have to do research on another browser. @sizzyapp is amazing.
Super excited to tell you folks that the @ChakraTemplates redesigned website is almost done! I'm doing some testing with @sizzyapp and I love it ❤️ The website redesign comes with 3 new gorgeous Hero components designed by me 🤩 Everything's done with @chakra_ui! Stay tuned! 🙌
Who else is enjoying the new @sizzyapp UI design? It's just minimalist and sexy!
I'm finally getting around to learning @sizzyapp almost 1 whole year after buying it 💸 And WOW. Apart from @code it's the single most essential web dev tool you should learn. It's that FUCKING good! @thekitze recorded a 3½ hour whirlwind of every feature and how he uses it 👇🏼
Thank you @sizzyapp for making my life easier.
I've been using @sizzyapp for the past couple of days and damn, it feels good 💖 writing CSS doesn't make my blood boil anymore and testing changes in chrome feels like pounding nails with a screwdriver
well @sizzyapp is pretty damn excellent if you're doing web dev
If anyone designs, tests and audits websites... @sizzyapp is just amazing... You can test a site or app across loads of devices/browsers in one click and I'm really liking its pricing structure
Every single time I need to do responsive design work, I'm thankful for @sizzyapp I also notice a lot of new features, thanks for the continous development.
False 🙊 @sizzyapp is definitively THE incredibly useful browser … for EVERY-damn-(web-dev)-thing 🏆
@devinDford @brave I recently found @sizzyapp and I'm LOVING IT for responsive development. Otherwise, my primary browser is Brave for everything.
@rymawby @bubble @sizzyapp 100% Best dev browser around.
@akshitarora0907 @eddiejaoude @sizzyapp is perfect for cross browser testing in general. It’s the closest you’ll get to a real device or browser experience, plus so many helpful features
Super cool. With @sizzyapp project feature, switching between the live and development URL on a project is just amazing!
Thanks @sizzyapp for M1 native app. Now the sizzy opens in a jiffy with much less battery impact on new mac chip. Have had some issue but we are sure that those will be resolved soon. Sizzy is great for
Absolutely loving @sizzyapp - officially my new fave dev tool!
Just discovered and tested @sizzyapp 😍 It has been love at first sight! If you're a web developer you HAVE TO try it! Responsiveness has never been that easy!
If you are a developer and you open localhost in your daily work, you are wasting time if you are using any other browser than @sizzyapp
Really a big fan of @sizzyapp's session manager. I can quickly move between a @sails_casts subscriber, a login user that's not subscribed yet and a guest user. Just amazing!
@sizzyapp is one of the best tools I use daily. Thanks !!!
One of my favourite tools to use when working with responsive design is @sizzyapp. Having a website displayed on different devices at the same time is very useful and time saving.
Finally gave @sizzyapp a try in a mobile-first side project last night and it *absolutely slaps*. Good stuff!


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